About Full Send FPV Micro Whoop Zone
Full Send FPV Micro Whoop Zone
8868 Federal Blvd A18
Federal Heights, CO 80260
United States

P: N/A
W: https://www.fullsendfpv.com
E: support@fullsendfpv.com

Full Micro Whoop Zone is a indoor 2 story tall Micro Whoop play zone. We will be hosting races with prizes and practice days as well. We allow all 1s and 2s Micro size whoops such as Inductrix, AcroBee, Tiny Whoops, Mobula 7, Beta 65, Beta 75, Tiny Hawk and similar size builds with a 25mw VTX
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Laps 0
Practice Sessions 0
Races 6,994
Entries 2,856
Events 0
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